Real Estate Overview in Sicily

There are many islands in the world that are known as “a slice of paradise” but only a few truly stand up to this statement. One of them is of course Sicily with its unpaired Mediterranean delight which is why it is very popular among those who are searching for a property in Italy. Sicily is located on the “toe” of Italy’s “boot” which couldn’t be close to the mainland even if it tried.

However, despite being in Italy ergo Europe, Sicily is a world apart, an exciting environment with a cosmopolitan mix of all of the pasted cultures that dominated this little island over the last couple of centuries. The Straits of Messina pose rather less of a threat to the modern visitor seeking Italian property for sale in Sicily. Now it is holidaymakers seeking the sun, good beaches, beautiful countryside and the rich culture and history of Sicily; and property seekers looking for some of the best value real estate in Italy.

Anyone how is interested in purchasing a home in Sicily accept a great variety of culture from colonists that really influenced the language, the cuisine and the culture overall. If you are planning on purchasing a property here, head down into to southern corner and you will find a generous number of Baroque towns like Comiso, Modica and Ragusa. We almost omitted the most important one which is Noto. The price is about 2000 euro per square meter.

Why couldn’t talk about Sicily if we didn’t include Palermo which is the capital. It was founded by the Phoenicians and afterwards taken by Carthage. Here you will spot a unique mix of age-old sights like Capella Palatina, Palazzo dei Normanni and the Cattedrale. The variety of Sicily rentals is great so if you do not want to purchase a home here, why not rent one for a couple of weeks? If you do so, you could see all the beauties of this exquisite location.

There are homes for sale in Taormina which is Sicily’s best-known resort and a definite place to look for a holiday home, villa or apartment. If you are willing to invest in a Sicily property you have to think of the great food you will benefit from: some of the lightest Mediterranean food, the freshest and the most eclectic. Street food also plays a major part in the local cuisine and just like Napels you could eat potato croquettes, individual pizzas and fritters sold from stalls.
Also, with such an intensive coastline, the fish is great: swordfish with olives and capers, anchovies, sardine and tuna – sometimes marinated, sometimes simply seared and served with pasta.

If you are on the look for Sicily rentals look for those located near the coast so that you could choose from a wide variety of beaches. If you are looking for privacy and tranquility some rentals have the right thing for you. As far as the prices are concerned, taking into consideration what you will get for your investment, they are fair if not modest.

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