Keeping Your Employees Happy Through Smart Design

Given that most workers spend the majority of their weekday in an office, it’s important to have an environment that encourages productivity and happiness. A Minnesota building contractor can help you ascertain what aspects of your building can be upgraded to foster a stimulating workplace.

Plenty of natural light is a plus in any type of Minneapolis construction project, but even more so in an office building. Having natural light flow throughout the space not only cuts down on your energy bills, but it also brings a bit of the outdoors inside. Workers often like to look out of the window, perhaps for a visual break but also for inspiration. Pendant lighting, track lights or wall-mounted fixtures are attractive artificial lighting options when natural light or lots of windows aren’t available.

A building with unique architecture is also a fun way to boost worker’s morale. If you’re starting with a new office, a Minneapolis building contractor can make additions to your specifications that will make your Minneapolis construction project your own. Using bright colors on your walls as accents can also grab attention; light colors open up a small space, and darker colors can make a larger space seem a bit more cozy. Also, simply adding interesting artwork throughout the workspace can make a big difference. Consider posting your company’s values and mission statement throughout the office to not only motivate your employees, but demonstrate to visiting clients that your company is serious about its goals.

Also pay close attention to the acoustics in your Minneapolis construction project. A workplace that is too noisy can be draining and stressful to employees, while an office that is completely devoid of sound can be equally unnerving. Adding a white noise machine can mask background noise and also keep workers focused on their tasks. If your office is a bit more casual, playing music in the background also lends to worker’s happiness. Music should be played very low. Classical music or other instrumental music is a good choice that will keep your workers mentally stimulated.

Have your Minneapolis building contractor add a separate space in your office for employees to decompress. A well-appointed break room with vending machines, reading material, coffee and the proverbial water cooler is a must-have. It is a place where workers can cool off, socialize, eat and come down from the day. Make sure that this area is very separate from the general office space, and make workers aware of the distinction.

Another way to increase productivity and well-being in your workers is to place office furniture correctly. Although it is good to create a sense of community in your office, your employees need to keep in mind that their primary objective is to work. While keeping desks close to each other encourages communication, keeping workers physically and socially distanced allows them to stay on task. To go a step further, you can install visual barriers such as transparent partitions to increase privacy, or even install cubicles.

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